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Is This the Most Ridiculous and Offensive Article About Tattoos Ever?!

Is This the Most Ridiculous and Offensive Article About Tattoos Ever?!

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Those with tattoos have a closer distinction to "criminal classes", according to a London newspaper report.

An article in the London Evening Standard has caused discussion and debate amongst tattooed (and non-tattooed) communities. Tattooist Holly Astral has reacted with a truthful tattoo video that speaks for us all!

Published online and in print on Tuesday (30 August), journalist Melanie McDonagh claims that the lines are blurred between tattooed people and criminals: "if I come across an officer covered with rich and varied body art, one of the crucial distinctions between him or her and the criminal classes vanishes. Tattoos may be ubiquitous but they are also a useful indicator of character, and if you come across someone with a Greek motto on their neck or a dragon motif in three colours up the arm, why, you don’t need to probe any further into the inner depths: under the ink, there’s a twerp."

Close-up color tattoo by Holly Astral #HollyAstral #flowers #color

She then goes on to urge an end to tattooing: "A third of the population is said to have a tattoo of one sort, which, when you think this figure includes the elderly, means that about half of young people have them. It must be stopped."

Melanie believes that tattoos can make police officers less approachable: "a friend of mine saw a police officer in Notting Hill with tattoos covering both arms yesterday — plainly the Met is ahead of the herd here. It didn’t make him more approachable — au contraire." What do YOU think?

Woman's head tattoo by Holly Astral #HollyAstral #womanshead #flowers #bear

Read the full Evening Standard piece here.

Tattooist Holly Astral has created a video in reaction to the article. I'm sure, like me, you'll agree with everything Holly says...

Holly Astral tattoo video #HollyAstral #tattoos #policeforce #vlogger

I'll end with Holly's beautiful words- the most sense I've heard all day: "tattoos are pictures that go on your skin... you can choose how you want to look but it doesn't effect what you are like on the inside..."

Written byRebecca

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