It Ain't Easy Being Purrfect: Cat Tattoos

It Ain't Easy Being Purrfect: Cat Tattoos

Feeline fine and fancy free? Well, these furry lil friends will brighten up your day even more! Cat tattoos for the win, purrrfect.

Our furry friends are, indeed, some of our closest it makes sense that we'd get their likeness tattooed all over ourselves! Cat tattoos are among the most popular and it's obvious why: pets are the bomb. For the most part, they don't get in fights with us, are always there when we need them, they make us smile when we're down, they keep us from feeling lonely...they're great travel, clearly these are all generalizations. Some cats will tear apart a years supply of toilet paper...but usually it's just all in good fun! And plus, that guilty look they get on their face when they know they've done something bad is soooooo cute! So these kitty tats just celebrate how much we love our pets, and all of the reasons why we keep them around even when sometimes they drive us crazy.

Cats are sort of particular too...while most dogs are obedient, and follow their owners with or without a leash...cats are a bit different. There have been felines out there who have been harness trained, can walk around outside on a leash, maybe you can even potty train them, but let's be real: you can't ever really tell a cat what to do. Which, we think, is sort of part of their charm. They are one of the few creatures out there that are really free...even if they are trapped inside your house forever. They live in the moment, they do what they want, and they live in a sort of protected dream world which is only disrupted when you cuddle them forcibly after a long hard day at work. They are truly incredible are these cat tattoos in this particular collection!

We love to create these themed tattoo selections for you since they really tend to help out when you're looking for some serious inspo. We always pull pieces we think are unique, or have a little something extra...especially when it's something as popular and iconic as cat tattoos...or even rose tattoos, wolf tattoos, and the like. These designs have been done a million times over, but they can always be special! Especially if you get the right artist, and go to the right studio. We know that sometimes it can be difficult filtering out all the random crap you see on social media..there are so many tattoo artists and shops these days that you could fling a rock in a random direction and hit five different ones. That's why we're here though: to help you with all of that!

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As you can see from this collection of cat tattoos, we have high standards...It's not just about the beauty of a design, it's also about technique and an artists acknowledgement of their responsibility to give you the best tattoo possible. This means good inks, safe environment, and, of course, respect for your needs as a tattoo collector. We want you to get the best tattoos possible, so when you've exhausted your search for inspiration and feel like you know exactly what you want, head over to our app to a book an artist in your area. You can either book directly with a tattooist, or you can send out a message to all artists near you..this means that artists can hit you up if they're interested in your project! Imagining finding a tattoo artist that loves kitties as much as you do!

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