It Makes the People Come Together: Music Tattoos For the Win

It Makes the People Come Together: Music Tattoos For the Win

It's just like that Madonna song says, "Music makes the people come together, yeah." And these awesome music tattoos totally prove it.

Music tattoos are some of our favorite pieces. It's awesome to see which artists seriously reach the masses in a life changing, after all, is one of the most powerful art forms, and these pieces are proof of that. From rap, to rock and roll, and even classical, music can make you happy, ease your pain if you feel sad, make you motivated for the day, and make you not feel so alone...its an incredible force that inspires us on the regular...for what would life be without music?

For this collection of music tattoos we brought together a bunch of our favorites, including two Missy Elliot pieces which says SO in she's a freakin icon, and we love her. BTW, if you haven't checked out her Instagram recently you should. She's 47 and looks exactly like she did when her hit The Rain dropped..only hotter. How in the hell does she do it you ask? Well, apparently she's abstained from bread and soda for a month and now she's glowing like a brand new gorgeous cherub baby. We also assume she's just got those insane genes that some people are born with that makes them never ever age. We hope we can look/be as fabulous as she is at 47/any age.

So, we have to ask, of course, if you could get a music tattoo what would it be? Some people in our office have the ever popular cliche punk rocker Black Flag bars, another has a portrait of Chopin...we really dig the Lil Peep piece in this collection (RIP beautiful angel). Do you have a sick idea for a music tattoo? Let us know. Like we also say, Tattoodo is a community, and that community would be nothin' if it weren't for lovely people like you! Xo!

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