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It Tastes Like...Burning...And Also Donuts: The Simpsons Tattoos

It Tastes Like...Burning...And Also Donuts: The Simpsons Tattoos

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The Simpsons tattoos have been spawned by one of the best tv shows in all of history. Thank god there are 30 seasons.

One of the greatest tv shows of all time, proven perhaps by it's insane run of 30 seasons (and counting), The Simpsons is often quoted as a favorite. We hope that this collection of The Simpsons tattooswill either have you running to the best tattoo shop in your area to pick up a new piece, or at least it should inspire you to grab a dozen donuts and get comfy on your couch for a binge watch session of every season. Obviously, we'll be doing both. Simpsons tattoos are definitely a proclivity of ours...we can't help but giggle every time we come across one.

The satirical nature of the tv show is undeniable. Absolutely apropos to the political and societal events of its time, the jokes hit straight at the underbelly of American culture. From the three eyed fish, see The Magic Rosa's wonderful rendition of this, which hints not only at ecological damage, but also perhaps to evolution, all the way to Chief Wiggam's bumbling idiocy throughout the show...who doesn't love dumb cop humor and Berly Boy's awesome piece based on this?! The writers of the show, the voices, and the animators come together harmoniously to create a tv show that spawns many things, including this collection of The Simpsons tattoos.

Something you may, or may not, know depending on your fandom, but we can partly thank Matt Groening's family for the creation of The Simpsons (and whenceforth these Simpsons tattoos). Apparently each character of The Simpsons was based on Matt family members...we kinda have to wonder how his fam feels about their caricatures. We imagine many a familial fight which probably sparked many a great episode...and what is really cool is that each Simpsons tattoo usually highlights a different character, depending on the client who gets it! Thanks to all the cartoon lovers and absolute weirdos out there that are flyin their freak flag through The Simpsons tattoos. This collection is for you.

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