It’s Always Thursday Night At 8 With A Friends Tattoo

It’s Always Thursday Night At 8 With A Friends Tattoo

The specter of Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel still haunts us in tattoo form.

In September of 1994, NBC did America a great intellectual disservice and lowered the bar for popular culture by releasing the hit sitcom Friends upon the world, much in the way a disgruntled biologist would release anthrax spores unto the general populace.

Friends is the story of six self-absorbed 20-somethings aimlessly navigating life in the big city without using a shred of intelligence or common sense. For whatever reason, this really resonated with most of America, and Friends was an instant hit, running for 10 seasons that all enjoyed ratings that were way too high.

I could write a doctoral thesis-length piece on just what is wrong with this show. For starters, the show is peppered with homophobic and sizeist jokes that just don’t hold up well in this modern cultural climate. And do not get me started about the economic feasibility regarding the standard of living these characters enjoy in NYC. But the biggest problem I have with Friends is that only one of the titular friends seems to posses any sort of higher level of intelligence — the unlovable, milquetoast Ross. And what do his friends do about this? They take every given opportunity to shit all over him for being smart, as if it were some terrible handicap.

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the tattoos people have gotten inspired to walk around with for the rest of their lives because of Friends. While I can think of about ten thousand better TV shows to cement your love for with a tattoo, the love for Friends is just too real. So, here are some permanent pieces of body art that scream, “I’ll be there for you (because you have bad taste in television.)”

Beauty is, sadly, in the eye of the beholder, and countless thousands, if not millions of Americans consider Friends to be the TV show to end all TV shows. That’s fine, it’s their prerogative. But some have definitely taken things too far…

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