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It's, Like, Totally Bitchin' Dude: 80's Tattoos

It's, Like, Totally Bitchin' Dude: 80's Tattoos

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These 80's Tattoos will have you reaching for your Walkman and Rubik's Cube.

These totally tubular rad-badicle 80's tattoos are guaranteed to make you yearn for those days of old...those days of VHS tapes, Reading Rainbow, Sony's Walkman, home phones and Rubix Cubes! Everything was, like, totally bitchin' babe so, like, scroll on down and check out these gnarly pieces that celebrate some of the best things from that era. And if you don't know, then you don't know...and you can eat my shorts. Or just google literally everything to see what you missed out on...but we hope you were there cuz the 80's spawned some of our favorite movies, tv shows, food, and toys!

Perhaps our favorite movie from the 80's was Valley Girl...starring Nicholas Cage (as a super bangin' Baldwin) and Deborah Foreman (as a totally cute Betty). He's a punk rawker from the wrong side of the tracks, ya know? And she's a preppy little bird with a mean boyfriend and vapid friends. Their forbidden love kept us wondering if they'd ever get together, but like, of course they do. It's a romantic comedy from the 80's after all...if you haven't seen it, like, you totally should. Anyone have an 80's tattoo of Nick Cage before he went bald and broke? That six pack scene on the beach just, like, totally kills us. 

The 80's have come and gone, but like we said, some of our favorite things were from that era. We're lucky that we got to experience some of them, and into the 90's we got dial up internet, Tamagotchi's, frosted tips, and grunge music. As proven by some of these 80's tattoos, things seemed to be more fun, colorful and flighty...but it might've been all the shoulder pads and cocaine. We're not sure. But we'll continue checking out these fun pieces and reminiscing about the good 'ole days. 

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