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It's Morphin' Time: Old School Go! Go! Power Ranger Tattoos

It's Morphin' Time: Old School Go! Go! Power Ranger Tattoos

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There's a Q&A about the new Power Rangers movie at NY Comic Con this year, so here are some tattoos of the original crew.

The new Power Rangers movie is coming out next year, so Saban, the creator of the franchise, is attempting to drum up press by having a panel and Q&A session about the film at this year's New York Comic Con. We here at Tattoodo have high hopes for the film. Many of us were fans of the original show as children, and we want the new flick to hold up. So to keep us preoccupied while waiting for it to come out, we found some tattoos of the OG squad to keep us entertained and assuage our nostalgia.

All of the original Power Rangers have made it onto peoples' skin. In fact, the only member of the team that we couldn't find top-notch body art (and we found a few) of is the Yellow Ranger, but we threw in a great design for any of you fans out there that might want to give her a tattoo homage. She deserves it, by the way. What's even cooler is that these heroes have appeared in a number of styles, ranging from color portraiture to neo-traditional and more.

The character from the show Tommy Oliver appears most frequently in tattoos as both the Green and White Ranger. The piece above, done in a nuanced take on Irezumi, suits the White Ranger's aesthetic perfectly. Also, no Power Rangers post would be complete without Alpha 5 and at least one of the show's villains. Oh yeah, and who could ever forget the Megazord? We are so anxious to see what it will look like that it's giving us grey hair like Zordon already lost.

We hope you liked this little trip down memory lane to the mid 90s, when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was every kid's jam. After years of facsimile versions of these color-coded heroes, we can only hope that the newest version meets our high expectations, like all of these tattoos do. 

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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