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It's Okay To Feel Feelings: Cry Baby Tattoos

It's Okay To Feel Feelings: Cry Baby Tattoos

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In this collection of cry baby tattoos, we show you the best way to get rid of all those bad feels: a good ol' sob.

So apparently there's this thing called alexithymia, which is a condition which mostly consists of the difficulty or inability to "identify and describe emotions in the self." Which...honestly...sometimes sounds like it would be really freakin great, especially on days when you feel ignored by your boss, or your girlfriend is driving you crazy, or school work is totally overwhelming you so you mostly feel like vomiting throughout the entire day. Right? Feelings...sometimes they are the worst. And because literally this first month of 2019 has been a big of a rough ride (emotionally and politically), we figured we would send you a lil reminder that it is totally okay to grab some tissues and turn on the waterworks. So here you have it: cry baby tattoos to sooth the soul.

Believe it or not, cry baby tattoos are not only an iconic design in traditional tattooing (we're sure you've seen big fat bawling babies tattooed in that bold style before) but cry baby tattoos are also an homage to a certain Johnny Depp movie, as well as to the too soon departed rapper Lil Peep. Regardless of what your cry baby tattoo says about you, it still means the same thing at the core: we feel feelings. And sometimes those feelings f***ing suck. But it really helps to let them go...and there are a bunch of different ways to do that.

Honestly sometimes the best way to let go of feelings is by getting a tattoo. We can't tell you how often we've had friends, family or co-workers commemorate the loss of someone or something with some ink. And it helps make you feel better. It's really healing. But these cry baby tattoos also remind you that it's okay to let loose with the tears...we promise you'll feel better afterwards. And you can't feel bad about feeling good...or about showing feelings. Cuz it's totally human, and we all do it.

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