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It's the Freakin' Weekend, Baby, Ima Have Me a Roll: Sushi Tattoos

It's the Freakin' Weekend, Baby, Ima Have Me a Roll: Sushi Tattoos

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To celebrate the oncoming weekend, we are going to stuff ourselves with sake and sushi tattoos. Wanna join?

You heard right...the way we celebrate the weekend is by going ham on some sake and sushi tattoos...and obviously...real sushi. Because if looking at these sushi tattoos doesn't give you some serious craving for the delectable seafood, we don't know what will. Honestly, beyond tattoos...we probably mostly look at food. Scrolling through of social media feeds, you'll see that it's true. Food, and tattoos. But those are some of the best things in life, right?! And if we have to choose one more thing, it would be travel...but that kind of goes hand in hand with good food and sick tattoos...

You may not know it but although Japan is known for this delicacy, sushi didn't actually originate there! Fermented fish wrapped in sour rice was known to be a treat all around the Mekong River before it spread to China and's just that, like many things, the Japanese have perfected it into an art and way of life. If you haven't seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi yet, check it out and you'll see that it's actually super serious business. There are even proper ways to eat it! So, if you're like these people who got sushi tattoos, if you want to get ultra's good to know the rules. Believe it or not, they're there to make sure you enjoy it to the utmost!

Although sushi tattoos sometimes have details like giant bottles of soy sauce and cute little mounds of wasabi, you're not actually supposed to mix the two together unless you're eating sashimi, which is slices of fish without rice. Think of it like this too, slathering your delicious sushi with sauce, is like telling the chef the food isn't good enough with it! Just like putting BBQ sauce all over a rich, overusing soy sauce is a faux pas as well. Sucking on your chopsticks is bad form too, but don't worry! Sushi is actually meant to be eaten with your hands! So, eat up and prepare to get a little slippery with that sake and fish!

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