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It's the Little Things That Count: Highly Detailed Tattoos

It's the Little Things That Count: Highly Detailed Tattoos

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These crazy detailed tattoos give a whole new meaning to that old saying, "It's all in the details."

When people say it's all in the details, they probably aren't talking about ultra detailed tattoos, but it's all the same right? The tattoos in this collection of highly detailed tattoos are perfect examples of what true artistry is capable of. Artists who can lift tattooing to this sort of quality have been practicing their craftsmanship for years to have the ability to so perfectly capture a subject with such fine features. If you look closely, many of these tattoos were made with single needles or similar; there are particular tools and techniques to create detailed tattoos!

It's true that it takes a lot of care and consideration when creating a highly detailed's not really something that can be done extremely quickly or with the bold, straightforward traditional designs. There are artists who can pull it off, but many detailed tattoos are of the illustrative style. Many artists mix and match their aesthetics to pull of a particular makes sense right? You wouldn't do a detailed tattoo with huge needles, unless the design was really huge, right? Highly skilled artists know exactly the tools and tricks of the trade to make your tattoo turn out exactly as it should.

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