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Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

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This top-notch Virginian tattoo shop has a big heart as well as a bit of a wild side.

Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival (JBTR) in Fredericksburg, VA just turned 10 years old, and in honor of this landmark moment its history, it’s hosting a big party this Saturday and doing something good for the surrounding community as well. Over the last few weeks, they’ve been taking donations from clients, friends, and local businesses  to help out the local chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). So far, they’ve amassed a substantial amount of dog and cat food, cleaning supplies, and toys, which will go to a great cause at the beginning of next month.

The Jack Brown Tattoo Revival team showing their love for the community (IG—tattoorevival). #charity #FredricksburgSPCA #JackBrownsTatttooRevival

“I’ve been in this business a long time. I've seen shops that are sterile and straight-laced, and I’ve been into a lot of dirty, crazy biker shops," said one of the JBRT's co-founders, Kenny Brown. "But what we’re doing is showing that you can have a fun place that welcomes everybody and still keep it gnarly. You can be good to people and be a pirate at the same time.” 

Kenny Brown laying down some lines at Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival (IG—tattoorevival). #charity #FredricksburgSPCA #KennyBrown #JackBrownsTatttooRevival

This isn’t the first time that JBTR has acted so philanthropically. The shop has a longstanding tradition of doing right by their community. In fact, thanks to the initiative on the behalf of Brown's wife Tawnia, they’ve been holding an annual event called “Tattoos for Community” even longer than their doors have been open. “Every year we pick a local nonprofit that has to do with the current sociopolitical climate, the needs of our local community, or larger issues that some of us here at the shop are personally connected to,” said Brown. “For example, we even recently held one to help raise awareness about autism, a condition that effects my family.”

The flyer for Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival's 10th anniversary charity event (IG—tattoorevival). #charity #FredricksburgSPCA #JackBrownsTatttooRevival

Thanks to the goodwill of long-time clients, other local businesses, and animal lovers at larger, JBTR's event has been a success, garnering support from their surrounding community and abroad. "The SPCA drive has been a gradual, passive kind of event. We've received lots of donations so far. People have even shipped them to us through Amazon," said Brown. "And we're having a party this weekend. We know how to have a good time, but we want to show some homeless animals a good time, too. That’s the secret to our success. We are a part of this community, and if it thrive, then we will, too.”

Some of the donations that Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival has already recieved (IG—tattoorevival). #charity #FredricksburgSPCA #JackBrownsTatttooRevival

If you want to keep up with more of JBTR's charitable efforts as well as some of the badass body art that its talented staff creates, follow this hopping joint on Instagram or check in on their website every once in a while. Also, remember there's still time to donate to kind-hearted mission of the Fredicksburg SPCA by dropping off some cat food or dog toys. Hell, overnight them a crate full of kibble if you're really in the giving mood. 

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