Jacob Sheffield's Black & Grey Homage to the Ladies

Jacob Sheffield's Black & Grey Homage to the Ladies

One look at this artist's realistic tattoos and you'll know his muse — beautiful women.

Jacob Sheffield uses his remarkable skills to celebrate women in the only way he knows how — by tattooing gorgeous black and grey portraits. Inspired by the fairer gender, Sheffield's realism work is truly second-to-none. But this tattooist is not held in by the bounds of what occurs in the natural world, no, Sheffield lets his imagination run wild in his portraiture. 

By giving in to the surreal, Sheffield is able to not only capture the likeness of his subject, but also an element of their spirit. A touch of filigree gives an air of sophistication to a piece while a foreboding skull creates a morose vibe to the tattoo. 

By choosing to use black and grey as opposed to color in his work, the surrealistic elements have a more dreamlike quality that allows the viewer to believe that what they are looking like could actually exist, even though they know that it is impossible. When similar subject matter is presented in color it often feels so outlandish that this feeling is completely lost. It's almost as if Sheffield's work walks between two different worlds. 

You can find Sheffield in Muskegon, Michigan working out of Welcome Back Tattoo Studio. He's been applying his craft since 2015, and it's simply astounding the leaps of progression he's taken in such a short amount of time.

Follow Sheffield on Instagram in order to be continuously amazed by his staggering black and grey work. We've only shown you the tip of the iceberg by focusing on these portraits, his work in other subject matters is just as compelling. 

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