James Franco Designed Some Tattoos For His Character in 'Why Him?'

James Franco Designed Some Tattoos For His Character in 'Why Him?'

You know all the tattoos on James Franco's skin in the film, "Why Him?" Many of them were his own design.

James Franco is a very eccentric man. Remember when he was teaching classes at prestigious universities and released a book of poems and acted in the soap opera General Hospital? Yeah, the dude's a weird cat. He's got a ton of interests and with the newfound money, fame, and time, he's able to explore just about all of those interests.

He put one of those interests to use for his new comedy film Why Him? Franco plays an internet billionaire, who just so happens to be heavily tattooed. Well, apparently Franco had a hand in designing the tattoos.

James Franco in Why Him? #JamesFranco #Celebrities #WhyHim

While appearing on the Today Show, Franco explained, "I drew some of them, and I don't think this is spoiler, but there's a big tattoo on my back of the whole family (in the movie that I designed)."

He also said that he donated some of his own original painting to the film to spice up the decor. "There's a bunch of kind of silly paintings on the wall... Some of them have been sold. They're just replicas of the ones that have been sold."

What an eccentric dude. Very eccentric indeed.

James Franco in Why Him? #JamesFranco #Celebrities #WhyHim

You planning on seeing Why Him? What do you think of Franco's tattoos in the film? Let us know in the comments. 

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