James Franco is a Father-In-Law's Worst Nightmare in Movie "Why Him?"

James Franco is a Father-In-Law's Worst Nightmare in Movie "Why Him?"

"Why Him?" features Franco in another hilarious role as a tattooed Youtube star trying to win over his girlfriend's dad - and failing hard.

Franco is back at it again with the good looks and the guaranteed laughs starring as a foul-mouthed, tattooed, and obnoxiously charming millionaire in John Hamburg's upcoming film Why Him? which also stars Bryan Cranston and Zoey Deutch. Sounds exactly like the type of guy anyone would like their parents to meet right?... Cranston doesn't seem to agree.  

Although gaining our approval won't be too much of a challenge for Franco, he is desperately trying to gain his future (hopefully) in-laws' blessings. He even goes as far as getting himself a pretty festive back piece for the holidays...

Franco's character didn't even know his tattoo artist included the ''Happy Holidays'' part. His response: "Guess that's on me forever now". Franco then goes on to drop countless F-bombs in front of his girlfriend's parents and recounts the tale of taking her virginity over a nice family dinner.

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