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Jason Carpino's Geometric & Mehndi-Style Blackwork

Jason Carpino's Geometric & Mehndi-Style Blackwork

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Finely lined and carefully stippled body art that takes after traditional henna designs.

There are tons of tattooists trying their hands at ornamental blackwork nowadays, but few of them are doing it quite as exquisitely as Jason Carpino. His body art in this style is beautiful, balanced, and perfect in execution. Many of his designs borrow from sacred geometry, while others take the appearance of mehndi or henna patterns from various cultures. Regardless of their roots, each one of his tattoos is as mesmerizing as it is complex, and will likely leave you wanting one of your own.

Carpino's flavor of blackwork is bold and fine lined at the same time, employing a dynamic range of line weights and dense black shading. This approach makes his work look incredibly clean and pronounced at the same time. In some of his pieces he incorporates delicately plotted stippling to give a hint of depth, but the stark contrast between black ink and ample negative space is what makes his ornamental tattoos so eye-catching. As far as being pristine goes, not many tattooists can rival his mehndi-inspired body art. Every tattoo he makes in this style is virtually flawless.  

The best part of Carpino's blackwork portfolio is the wide variety of ornate designs that he creates. Here there are numerous mandalas stylized in diverse ways, one of his signature Hamsas, and even a few pieces that incorporate illustrative features, as seen in the pieces that above that take the shape of an owl and a clock. Though his purely geometric designs are beautiful, the ones that use such abstract patterns to constitute a more definitive image are arguably more captivating, because of how they operate on two visual levels simultaneously.   

To see more of Carpino's exquisite blackwork, then make your way over to his Instagram. He works at Hudson Valley Tattoo Company in Wappingers Falls, NY if you want some mehndi that will last you the rest of your life.

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