Jaw-Dropping Color Realism by James Artink

Jaw-Dropping Color Realism by James Artink

Tattoos so real that they'll make you do a double take

James Artink makes some of the best realistic tattoos around. His work is incredibly lifelike, so much so that many of his pieces would look almost like photographs if it were not for their sometimes surreal qualities. He produces these astounding tattoos in both black and grey as well as color, and the amount of detail that he puts into them makes it seem as if they three-dimensionally rise from their collectors' skin. Check out this sample of his unbelievably realistic and occasionally strange body art.

Artink's brand of realism is a particularly outstanding and pronounced one. Whether working in black and grey or color, his tattoos are as true to life as can be. He gives each one of them a compelling sense of perspective, making them pop out in a 3D way. Sometimes he also renders the backgrounds of his central figures as if out of focus, as exemplified in the one of a bluebird, which makes them look as if they were taken with a camera as opposed to being made via tattoo machine. Some of his work that is most inviting to the eye combines black and grey imagery with bright color highlighting. 

What's even more astounding than the superb quality of his realism is that his portfolio demonstrates a vast range of subject matter. He does everything from portraits of pop cultural icons to surreal landscapes. He also has a knack for illustrating animals and flora in a stunning fashion. 

As for his more bizarre pieces, they are some of most intriguing body art that he creates. He makes sublime visuals by doing thinks like radically juxtaposing figures together, as seen in the one of a lady head topped by a lone tree in a desert.  

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If you want to be wowed by more of Artink's mind-blowing realistic body art, follow him on Instagram. Lastly, he operates out of Rock'n'Roll Tattoo Studio in Wrocław, Poland should you want a piece by him.

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