Jessi Manchester: Sacred Geometry and Phantasm

Jessi Manchester: Sacred Geometry and Phantasm

Jessi designs clean sacred geometric sleeves and portraits with stunning optical illusion overlays.

German tattoo artist Jessi Manchester got a lot to give with her clean lines and dotwork in sacred geometry and the intensity in her curious overlay portraits topped off with optical illusion.

In 2006, Jessi Manchester was all set to head to the U.S. to study arts as she approached her final years in college. But things took a turn when she decided to drop by a tattoo shop to show-off a few flashes. That was when she was offered an apprenticeship and she hasn't looked back since. Jessi truly believes it was a ‘right decision’ as it opened a door of opportunity and paved the way for her to pursue a career in an artistic field she feels passionate about.

She now operates her own tattoo shop in Hamburg where she can freely utilize her skills and ideas. Her strong points are in geometry, realism, and dotwork which, as much as possible, she tries to combine together to make unique pieces with a flow.

Jessi is currently working on mostly dotwork sacred geometry and her gorgeous optical illusion overlay portraits. She's not afraid to try new designs either as long as she and her client can see the big picture in similar points of view. 

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When she's not tattooing or travelling, she likes working on large-scale charcoal drawings in hyperrealism.

All images via Instagram.

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