Jessica Alba Meets Cop with Her Face Tattooed on His Arm

Jessica Alba Meets Cop with Her Face Tattooed on His Arm

The "Sin City" actress was delighted to see her likeness on this police officer's sleeve.

Fame can often be a surreal experience for people to get a grasp on. It used to be that people would have to get used to being recognized everywhere they go, but thanks to the trend of pop culture tattoos there is a new wrinkle for celebrities to deal with — meeting their tattoo dopplegangers. 

Jessica Alba came face to face with her likeness the other day when a friendly police officer saw her and had to take the moment to show off his ink. 

Jessica Alba comes face to face with her tattoo doppleganger. (Via IG - jessicaalba) #jessicaalba #celebrities #blackandgrey

Alba seemed to be legitimately delighted to see her likeness in full Payasa makeup as part of the officer's black and grey sleeve. "Definitely one of the more surreal moments of my life," Alba said on her Instagram. "This sweetie pie young officer drove by outside of my friends house and stopped to tell me he had my face tattooed on his arm. Of course I HAD to see it! So cool and such a trip." 

Alba burst on to the scene as a teenager in the underrated series Dark Angel and clearly left her mark on this fan. We love the way that her face is incorporated in the black and grey sleeve filled with femme fatales. It's a pretty solid tattoo and Alba should have been delighted that the artist did justice to her likeness. 

A closer look at Alba as a payasa and the rest of this police officer's sleeve. (Via IG - jessicaalba) #jessicaalba #celebrities #blackandgrey

It would be totally understandable if Alba was a little taken aback by the whole situation, but she embraced it and understood that she was in the presence of a super fan. Tip of the hat to you Ms. Alba. We look forward to seeing more celebrities come face to face with their own faces, and given the prominence of pop culture tattoos we should be seeing a hell of a lot more of these in the future. 

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