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Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas Undergoes Laser Removal

Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas Undergoes Laser Removal

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The pop star was able to endure the painful laser procedure thanks to some support from girlfriend Ruby Rose.

Getting tattoos is a painful process, according to some people. According to all people though, having tattoos removed is far more painful. This is exactly why you need to make absolutely sure that you know what you want before you go and get something tattooed on your body. It's not only painful, but expensive, as these tattoo-removal treatments cost a pretty penny.

Jessica Origliasso kissing Ruby Rose's hand while having her tattoos removed. #RubyRose #JessicaOrigliasso #TheVeronicas #TattooRemoval

Origliasso can be seen kissing Rose's hand while the painful process started. Both women were seen wearing protective eyewear during the procedure, and Origliasso can be seen wincing in agony as the laser treatment was administered.

Ruby Rose with her girlfriend as she has tattoos removed. #RubyRose #JessicaOrigliasso #TheVeronicas #TattooRemoval

Origliasso revealed she wants to get new tattoos in place of her old ones, and intends to document the entire tattoo removal process. She wants to show people what it's like in case they were interested in having it done as well.

Jessica Origliasso having her tattoos removed. #RubyRose #JessicaOrigliasso #TheVeronicas #TattooRemoval

I hope it didn't hurt too much, but if you're interested in the process and updates on The Veronicas, you should follow Jess on Instagram

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