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Join the Gang and Check out these Awesome Pokemon Inspired Tattoos

Join the Gang and Check out these Awesome Pokemon Inspired Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

For all you Pokemon fanatics out there, this one is for you.

The Pokemon craze is back and crazier than ever. In light of this, we made a little compilation of some of our favourite Pokemon inspired tattoos that you shared with us on our Facebook page. The results are a nice blend of cool and adorable. 

Can we just join in on the fun already?  Thank you to Milly Perry for sharing! 

Matching Pikachus... and they're wearing bowties

Matching pikachus with bowties! #pikachutattoos #pokemontattoos #pokemon #pikachu

Can't you just hear him saying ''Pika-Pika''? Love the unique design of this tattoo, thank you to Sophie Lea Izquierdo for sharing !

I actually love Pikachu and this design. #pikachu #pokemon #pokemontattoos #pikachutattoos

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This is golden. Uncensored Pikachu ftw. Thanks to Krisztian Hadi! 

The evolution of Gastly looks really dope as a tattoo. Thanks to Jorge Mansilla Manriquez for the share ! 

Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. BOOM. #gastly #haunter #gengar #pokemontattoos #pokemon

I think this might be the cutest Charmander we've seen. Thanks to Marcio Spellcaster for this one ! 

omg this is the cutest charmander ever. #charmander #pokemon #pokemontattoos #charmandertattoos

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