JonBoy Gives Bella Hadid a Permanent Set of Wings

JonBoy Gives Bella Hadid a Permanent Set of Wings

Hit the "JonBoy Tattooed Something Tiny on a Model" Siren! This time Victoria's Secret supermodel Hadid is the recipient of his work.

2017 has kicked off and very few things have changed. We all thought the new year would bring us new stories and hope, but largely, everything is carrying on just as it did in 2016. Trump is still going to be President, you haven't lost any weight (yet), and JonBoy is still tattooing tiny things on celebrities.

The latest edition of JonBoy tattooing something tiny on a celebrity sees him putting the ink to Bella Hadid. Yes, the "other" Hadid sister. While Gigi seems to be endlessly grabbing headlines by hanging out with Kendall Jenner and the like, Bella seems more than happy to pick up the scraps of fame.

So what did our dearest Bella get tattooed on her?

The Hadid sister got a pair of angel wings on her feet. I guess she's trying to channel her inner Mercury/Hermes with these new tattoos. Or maybe she just really wanted a pair of those Adidas shoes with the wings on them but couldn't afford them at the time or something. Either way, it goes perfectly in line with what JonBoy does best, tiny tattoos on famous people.

The 20-year-old model just wrapped up a showcase at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and just got the wings. Oh wait! That could have something to do with it! You know how those Victoria's Secret models are always wearing wings and stuff? Just a hypothesis.

Some people speculate the tattoos could be in reference to her mother, who Hadid has described as an "angel" on multiple occasions. Though, I don't think she's dead, and angel wings are generally on the back, not the ankle.

Who knows? Speculation is RUNNING WILD over here at Tattoodo. If by "running wild" you mean, I'm just coming up with theories on my own, then yes, it's RUNNING WILD!

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