JonBoy Starts 2017 off with Two Tiny Tattoos on Hailey Baldwin

JonBoy Starts 2017 off with Two Tiny Tattoos on Hailey Baldwin

The celebrity tattooer continued doing what he does best — tattooing tiny things on models.

If you thought JonBoy's penchant for tattooing tiny things on models was going to change in 2017, you would be dead wrong. JonBoy started the year off with a bang when Hailey Baldwin paid a visit to the tattooer-to-the-stars to get some of his trademark tiny ink.

Baldwin is no stranger to tattoos, as she's gotten several over the past couple years, with a few of them being designed by her BFF (best friend in fashion), Kendall Jenner. But her newest tattoos seem to be a bit more personal in meaning, even if they are super-duper small.

The first tattoo is a little bit of script that reads, "coeur d'Alene." Alene is the middle name of her sister, who Baldwin has a close and special bond with. Coeur d'Alene also happens to be a city in Idaho, and we don't know if that city holds any significance to Baldwin at all, but we can certainly speculate. Additionally, "Coeur d'Alene" translated means "Heart of an awl," which is synonymous with being "sharp-hearted" or "shrewd."

Baldwin's second tattoo is just as tiny, but seemingly just as significant. Baldwin got a cross on her neck, which is meant to symbolize her faith, which is something she is very outspoken about. JonBoy captioned the photo with "#hillsongnyc" which represents the Hillsong Church in NYC, which is the church Baldwin attends to practice her faith.

2016 was not the death of these tiny tattoos on models. That's good for JonBoy, who will look to continue his success and status as the go-to guy for models this year and into the future.

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