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Jordan Hooper's Stunning Blackwork Tattoos

Jordan Hooper's Stunning Blackwork Tattoos

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Fans of blackwork tattoos will love these beautiful pieces by Jordan Hooper.

Jordan Hooper embraces the darkness of blackwork and uses it to make beautiful, moody body art. His tattoos are all impeccably clean and extremely outspoken, standing out on their collectors' bodies in a exquisite way. His portfolio illustrates how this monochromatic style can make any figure more dramatic, imbuing it with a shadowy and almost poetic mystique.

Hooper makes his blackwork stand out by employing multiple of line weights, outlining his figures with bold silhouettes and fleshing them out with intricate details. The way he shades his compositions is at the heart of what makes them so pronounced. His long-stemmed roses are the perfect example. The way he illustrates their leaves so darkly versus how he lightly stipples their petals illustrates just how dynamic and visually striking his approach to the style is.  

While the majority of Hooper's clients request his floral designs, some of the tattoos he makes feature imagery that wanders a bit further from the beaten path. Grim subjects — like skulls, spiders, and other macabre figures — look particularly impressive in his twist on blackwork, but his skill as a tattooists shines the most in the more ornate iconography he creates, such as his illustration of a slipknot or the incredibly detailed clam with a pearl in its mouth.

To see more striking blackwork, follow Hooper on Instagram. He works at Tahiti Felix's Master Tattoo in Hobart, Tasmania and can be reached at for booking should you want one of his dark masterpieces for yourself. 

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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