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Journey to Camelot with Houston Patton

Journey to Camelot with Houston Patton

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This artist's blackwork tattoos of castles will transport you to a fantasy world.

Houston Patton, aka Thieves of Tower, is a prolific artist who makes astounding pen and ink illustrations, blackwork tattoos, and other visual art. One thing is true for all of his work: it is clearly heavily influenced by European medieval and Renaissance art. Though all of his illustrations are awesome, one motif in particular sticks out — his castles. 

Patton's tattoos resemble medieval woodcuts and engravings with their bold linework and gothic subject matter. This signature aesthetic makes his work standout from the crowd of other practitioners of ornate and intricate illustrative blackwork. They way he uses hatching to give his castles and their surrounding landscapes such definitive shape is amazing. 

Patton's skill as a blackwork tattooist calls out like a trumpet from the high walls of these architectural pieces of body art. When working in such a solid style of tattooing, precision is everything, and the fact that his castles are so elaborate yet flawless attests to the level of attention that he devotes to each of them. Every single one has such a multitude of tiny lines that they must be painstaking to illustrate. Thus, their overall exquisiteness exemplifies his stamina as well as rigor as a tattooist. 

A beautiful castle on one of Houston Patton's client's thighs (IG—ttowerempire). #blackwork #crescent moon #castle #HoustonPatton

If you want to be enchanted by more of Patton's blackwork masterpieces, journey over to his Instagram, which is filled with tons of beautiful castle-themed artwork. He works out of 2Spirit Tattoo, a private studio in the Santa Monica Mountains, and can be reached via email at Lastly, he has a website where you can purchase some of his designer clothing as well, so check it out and maybe get some of his Renaissance inspired swag.  

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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