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Just A Whole Lotta Badass Tattoos

Just A Whole Lotta Badass Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Get ready for a whole lotta brutal badassery with these badass tattoos...what makes them so kill? Well...that depends on the piece.

What makes a badass tattoo badass? Well, that is a good question. And there are many reasons for it, many ways to make a super badass tattoo. If you check out this collection you'll see that these pieces in particular have a power, a presence. They might be on a place on the body that is really stand out, just check out Servadio's dagger face tattoo. Or they may be passionately politically and philosophically imbued like Rachel Clark's neck tattoo. Maybe they're just a stand out design like Oscar Hove's scalp tattoo. Whatever the reason, we're sure these badass tattoos will resonate with you in one way or another.

Blackwork, illustrative, fineline, it doesn't really matter. Tattoos are kind of badass no matter what, probably because of societal stigma, or the pain involved...who knows. It's pretty great that the tide is turning, and that tattoos are being more widely accepted than ever. Even people with hand and neck tattoos are working at Walmart for goodness sake! But it really says something when someone gets a full on body suit like Odd Tattooers piece in this collection. That is one badass tattoo, and it's partly because of the ink itself, and it's partly because the client is obviously totally committed to tattoos.

It is, after all, a way of life after awhile..if you choose it. We here at Tattoodo think all badass tattoos are worth sharing and supporting. Same goes for awesome shops and artists. It's why we do what we do: we love tattoos. And most of us are all super heavily tattooed here at Tattoodo...we know our stuff and we believe that is why you trust us when making the decision to find a new artists or get a new tattoo. We're here for you...badass tattoos and all.

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