Just For The Hell Of It, Here’s Some Halibut

Just For The Hell Of It, Here’s Some Halibut

Getting you hooked on tattoos of this giant flatfish, that’s our angle.

Hello and welcome back to Tattoodo’s yearlong investigative report into fish tattoos. We hope you’re ready for a little lighter fare from this series after last month’s epic five piece feature on the North Atlantic cod. We’ve sure been learning a lot about fish and looking at some amazing tattoos of fish, and it’s been nothing but fun. Today, we’re going to look at one of our favorite fish of all time – the halibut.

The halibut is a member of the family of right-eyed flounders. This hulking giant of a flatfish can be found in both the North Atlantic and North Pacific. These two regions are home to the two species of halibut, which are aptly named the North Atlantic halibut and the North Pacific halibut. 

These beautiful creatures are demersal fish, which means they live and feed near the bottom of the sea – in the demersal zone. They are counter-shaded to avoid predators. Their dark top side allows them to blend in with the ocean floor while their light underside gives an effect of blending in with light from the surface.

The most interesting feature of the halibut is its eyes. When a halibut is hatched, its eyes are on opposite sides of its head, just like the rest of nature’s creatures. However, after about six months one of the halibut’s eyes slowly migrates to the other side of its head until they are right next to each other.

This peculiar fish also holds the distinction of being the world’s largest flatfish. In 2013, a halibut caught off the coast of Norway weighed in at a record breaking 515 pounds with a length of 8 and a half feet. These fish are simply massive.

Given their size and availability, halibut have been a source of food for centuries. This has sadly led to modern day overfishing, and the Atlantic population of halibut is now so depleted that its population is nearly at an endangered level. Thankfully, if this fish should ever go extinct, future generations can learn about it from this image gallery of halibut tattoos we have assembled.

Halibut have to be like one of the fifteen coolest fish on the planet. It’s no wonder why anyone would want a tattoo of this majestic beast. We hope you’ll join us next week for part 38 of our series on fish tattoos when we take a look at clown fish and some sick Finding Nemo tattoos.

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