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Just Marshmallows, The Stars, You & Me: Killer Camping Tattoos

Just Marshmallows, The Stars, You & Me: Killer Camping Tattoos

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Sometimes you just need to take off and get in touch with nature, so check out these camping tattoos and smell that fire burning!

You may not be the hiking type, or the outdoors type....maybe you'd rather eat snacks and sit on your couch all day. That's cool. No judgement here, but we do think if you ever get the chance to go out in the forest, commune with all the animals in the forest, and stare at the stars with your friends, you should totally go for it. There's something super special about being around a campfire with your friends, eating s'mores and hot dogs on sticks. Hopefully there's some whiskey or a joint here and there if that's your thing...but since we haven't been able to get on out there in a minute, here are some camping tattoos to remind of how good all the above can be.

These camping tattoos highlight all the best things about being in the outdoors: sleeping under an open sky with no signs or traffic lights to interrupt the glow of the stars, campfires, friends and forests or deserts...all that open space just for your to share with your buds. Camping tattoos, like many other pieces, show off exactly what you're into...where you like to be. And it helps attract others who are into the same thing! How cool is that?

So, you're in the grocery store, waiting in line, and the dude behind you notices the rad camping tattoo you have and asks where you got it. Then you tell him you saw that Matt Cannon was in a Tattoodo tattoo themed article about camping tattoos, and you just had to hit him up. You booked him through the Tattoodo app, showed up for the appointment, and got this awesome tattoo...which is now helping you support your favorite artist by spreading the word, and you're also having random connections with other outdoorsy types who love camping tattoos as much as you do.

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