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Just Pretend You're On Vacation: Delightful Tropical Tattoos

Just Pretend You're On Vacation: Delightful Tropical Tattoos

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Warning: while looking at these tropical tattoos you may begin to crave Pina Coladas and warm breezes.

Apparently in France August is actually an entire month that people take off...most of the city just straight up goes on vacation. We're sure that part of that sabbatical includes getting super cool vacation tattoos like reapers maxin' n relaxin' real hard on island getaways and beachy scenes full of palm trees swaying in the breezes, pina coladas, hula girls, n more...or maybe that's just the kind of self care we dream of. If these vacation tattoos don't get you feeling that feverish wanderlust soon, then we don't know what will. Maybe travel isn't your thang, but you don't know what you're missing!!

So, since we work a lot..we probably actually end up taking vacations as much as the average person. Never. We found ourselves sort of aching for a vacation tattoo...that way even though we can't take a vacation, we can have visions of them placed on random spots on our bodies to make sure we remember what it looks like to take travel outside of the 15 mile radius of our office. Vacation tattoos are rad; they bring the beach right to you no matter where you are.

Recently we moved the offices of Tattoodo from what has recently been a very grey New York, to Miami: the lush landscape of sun and fun. So, basically, we've been living a hardworking vacation every single day. Now, of course when we say hardworking, we mean it. We definitely work day and night to make sure that we bring you the best artists, tattoos, and shops from around the globe literally 24/7, cuz let's be real: social media, news, journalism, etc. never sleeps. And plus, we love you guys! Our community and app wouldn't be the same with you, for real. Even though we may be hanging on the beach, we're still right here, for you, every single day.

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