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Just the Cleverest and Cutest Fox Tattoos Ever

Just the Cleverest and Cutest Fox Tattoos Ever

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We're sure you'll agree these fox tattoos embody all the cleverness and cuteness of real foxes.

If you're like us at all, then you've certainly caught yourself in a four hour long YouTube hole of watching cute animal videos while eating entire bags of chips and an entire tray of mini cupcakes. These cute animal videos certainly included the one where foxes are jumping on a trampoline, the one where a fox inexplicably licks a window for five minutes, and literally all of the ones where they make adorable squeaks and sounds while rolling around and wagging their bushy tails. Which is why we've brought you these fox tattoos...because if there is one animal we just can't get enough of it's foxes.

You may already know that foxes are related to wolves and dogs, which sort of explains why they are solitary creatures. Considering that they are usually found in the wild, it's way easier to find food and stay hidden if there is only one fox per area...but did you know that they also have a lot in common with cats? In fact, most people who have tame foxes say that it's much like owning a cat and dog in one. But maybe a fox tattoo would be a whole lot easier to take care of...foxes need a lot of attention and space to run around in since they're almost always found in wide open natural spots.

If you've seen the series Planet Earth, and we hope you have because it's genius and David Attenborough's voice is magical....there is a certain episode that follows an arctic fox during its mouse chases. Using the Earths magnetic force, along with its incredible hearing, foxes track its prey and know the best time to pounce. Which is perfect because even though you won't find them in Antarctica, just like these fox tattoos, you'll find them everywhere else...even in the desert! How cute!

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