Justin Bieber Shows off His New Stomach Tattoo

Justin Bieber Shows off His New Stomach Tattoo

The Biebs got "Son of God" tattooed on his stomach.

Justin Bieber, a person many people consider to be a "douche nozzle," flashed his abs to his adoring fans at one of his concerts in Italy. The thousands of people in attendance lost their shit at the sight of his flat, flat stomach. They probably started crying and creaming their little girl and boy pants. 

Other people noticed something else about Bieber, though. Not only did he have the most perfect body on the face of the planet, he also had some fresh ink on his stomach.

Justin Bieber's Son of God tattoo. (Via IG - biebvsel) #JustinBieber #Celebrities #Music
Justin Bieber's Son of God tattoo. (Via IG - biebvsel) #JustinBieber #Celebrities #Music

The Biebs got the words "Son of God" tattooed across his symmetrical and beautiful abs. I don't know if it's a tattoo of conceit or if it's another tattoo dedicated to his Christian faith. 

He's already got some Jesus-related tattoos, but this one seems a bit odd to me. To me, just my opinion, it seems like he's branding himself as the "Son of God" rather than paying his respects to The Big Guy.

Either way, Justin is pretty cool I guess, he's got a butt load of tattoos and his last album actually had some bangers on it. I'm willing to admit it.

Justin Bieber shirtless before the new ink. #JustinBieber #Celebrities #Music

But dude, you gotta lift more or something if you want to show off your body. I mean his body is good, way better than an average person, but it's not so good that he should be flashing his "abs" all the time.

Hit the bench press, shoulder press, and lat pulldown some more, Bieber. Trust me. It'll do wonders for you. Then throw in some crunches for good measure. And cut out them carbs. And do some intense cardio.

I just want the best for you, Justin.

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