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Justin Trudeau's Awkward Haida Tattoo

Justin Trudeau's Awkward Haida Tattoo

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The Prime Minister of Canada has a tattoo that has come back to haunt him.

When Justin Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister of Canada, many people saw it as a positive change. A young, charismatic, very attractive man taking the helm of Canada would be just the change the country needed. He was athletic, good-looking, and, at the time, his principles seemed pure.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau's Haida tattoo has been the center of controversy. #JustinTrudeau #Canada #Government #Haida #HaidaTattoo #HaidaArt

"Of course we’re proud," Peter Lantin, president of the Council of the Haida Nation said at the time. Haida leaders applauded the tattoo, which seemed to validate Trudeau's seemingly controversial ink. He was elected to much fanfare, and then it all fell apart.

The Haida are particularly miffed about Trudeau's lack of adhering to the standards of their people. In Haida culture, getting a tattoo is a sacred event that takes place in public during a potlatch. Many feel he is appropriating their culture, a culture and a people that have suffered massive cultural genocides and were outlawed from using their native languages and celebrations.

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