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KaBlam! It's Slimeworthy Nickelodeon Tattoos!

KaBlam! It's Slimeworthy Nickelodeon Tattoos!

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These Nickelodeon tattoos revisit the golden days of Slime, Good Burger, and Wacky Deli.

If you're like us, you spent most of your childhood either outdoors doing hood rat stuff with friends, or inside watching funny television shows while eating Cheez Wiz and Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pies. Most of the time our channel of choice was Nick...big hitters like All That, Kenan and Kel, and the Adventures of Pete and Pete sparked our imaginations and surely inspired a whole lotta late afternoon trouble. However, later on, even after adulthood set in...many of these shows still stick with us, especially the cartoons. So, in homage to those great times, here is a collection of Nickelodeon tattoos!!

The cool thing about many of these Nickelodeon tattoos is that all of these shows, and then some, not only had humor that kids found hilarious, but some of it was more geared towards adults as well...and at that age, most of that stuff went right over our heads. But at least now we can really appreciate that there was a restaurant in Rocko's Modern Life called "Chokey Chicken", or the subtle STI joke about how the Krusty Krab was located in Bikini Bottom, or when Helga wrote in her journal that Arnold made her "girlhood tremble". It doesn't stop there...check out all these dirty jokes you may have missed when you were a kid...

But even without all those dirty jokes, these shows had hilarious plots, characters you could identify with and animation that still inspires us today. Thankfully many of these shows are now available on all your favorite streaming sites, illegal and legal, and some are even up FO FREE on YouTube. Including our favorite Rocko's Modern Life segment "Wacky Deli" which Heffer, Filbert, and Rocko are given a television show via their famous animator neighbor. Hit that, check out these Nickelodeon tattoos, follow it up with some Life with Loopy or Prometheus and Bob, and you'll feel full throttle nostalgia for days.

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