Kane Brown Dishes on His Tattoos and Country Music

Kane Brown Dishes on His Tattoos and Country Music

Country music's newest sensation didn't take the typical route to stardom, but he's glad he made it.

In 2016, there are a ton of ways for you to gain recognition if you are an up-and-coming artist. Some people might argue that there are too many ways. Social media, self-promotion, word-of-mouth, there are an endless amount of ways for you to strike it big, and just as many ways for you to get lost in the weeds.

Kane Brown is one of those rare gems that came from the multitude of aspiring artists out there, and his meteoric rise to the top of country music is an interesting one, as he didn't go through the typical means of "making it."

Brown had several songs go viral via social media and YouTube, and once word got around about this talented singer's attributes, record labels were lining up to sign him. When RCA Nashville signed him, they were rewarded immediately. Brown delivered a No. 1 Country album on the Billboard charts, and No. 10 on the Billboard 200.

Not only that, but Brown is notable for his collection of body art that covers his arms, and a lot of his chest. He recently spoke with Big955 Chicago about the stories behind those tattoos.

Kane Brown's left arm tattoos. #KaneBrown #CountryMusic #Music

One of the most important tattoos on his body is the John 3:16 tattoo he has on his chest. Brown said of the tattoo, "I got it for my birthday. I grew up in a real Christian family. I always went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. It was just something I had in my mind for a while, [and] I wanted something on my chest, and that's what we got."

His family also has a rich history of getting tattoos, in fact, he has a matching tattoo with his mother, the Chinese symbol for "love" on his neck. "I got this one [Chinese symbol] on Mother's day with my mom, and it means love," Brown continued. "Then I got this one, it's music notes [and] my grandmother has it in the same place."

Another recognizable tattoo Brown has is the microphone on his hand. It seems like a no-brainer for a singer to have a microphone on his hand, but it wasn't as easy as one might think. 

"This was one of my latest tattoos. I got it while I was at FedEx [around] 2014. I knew what I wanted already, but it started with a hand and it kinda looked dumb just having a microphone on my hand. So I was like 'I need to go ahead and get this finished.' So it turns into a guitar [that looks] like it's ripping through my skin," Brown said about his microphone tattoo. He also describes it as one of the most painful tattoos he's ever gotten.

Some people might notice that Brown has a fairly large tattoo of a wolf on his left arm. It's a tattoo that matches with his tour manager, and it's meant to represent their wolf pack mentality. Plus, he got it done by Ink Masters' own Bubba Irwin.

"His minimum's like $800 for a tattoo, and I thought I was gonna have to pay for it, and he was like just gimme a shout out, and we just became friends. Everybody in my band is getting one. My tour manager has one right now, we're the only ones that got one, but we're just a wolf pack."

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Kane Brown's arm tattoos. #KaneBrown #CountryMusic #Music

Kane Brown also has a snake tattooed on his arm, which is ironic considering the singer is horribly afraid of snakes. It's a reminder to conquer your fears, and to not let them hold you back, according to Brown. And when talking about the angel wings on his shoulders, he says, "One day I want to have angel wings, so might as well just go ahead and get them now, right?"

Brown also has plans to get even more tattoos, "I want to get just the arms, and chest, and then my back. Just leave the stomach open."

If he continues to have smashing success in the Country Music industry, he'll certainly be able to afford these large pieces of body art. 

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