Keep it Soigne with these Tattoos Inspired by the Culinary Arts

Keep it Soigne with these Tattoos Inspired by the Culinary Arts

If you're a chef, a cook, just like to eat, here's some inspiration for your next tattoo to show that you know your way around a kitchen.

At 2pm every day, there’s a Tattoodo editor, we'll call him "Edward Connell," that proclaims that he is going to “feed.” 

We’re a pretty laid back crew over at Tattoodo’s New York office. We get the job done, and we generally have a good time doing it. But let me fucking tell you, if this editor doesn’t get his gumbo from Dean and Deluca everyday at 2pm, may god have mercy on the souls of anyone in his path.

Food has that kind of power for all of us.
Sharing a pizza can bring people together just as quickly as fighting over the last chocolate babka can tear us apart. The people cooking your food know this, and that’s why they are so dedicated to their craft. With great power comes great responsibility, or whatever.

Chefs and tattooists are a lot alike. They’re artisans that work with their hands. They spend a lifetime honing their craft. Their art is a collaborative process that is informed by the sensibilities and tastes of their customers. They both pay their dues through years of blood, sweat, and tears as they move from apprentice to master.

So it’s not really surprising to see chefs that wear that allegiance to their trade on their sleeves in the form of some really creative (and often esoteric) tattoos. From the tools of the kitchen like knives and whisks, to diagrams showing the different primal cuts on a pig or cow, art and food collide in the most incredible ways in this cutting-edge culinary art.

The tools of the trade are a popular motif, and what's more important to a chef than his knife? Growing up, I worked in a kitchen and almost had a chef stab me for putting his knife in the dishwasher. No joke. 

Seoul, Korea's Oozy brings some fine blackwork to the culinary tattoo world. 

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A few of our favorite tattooed chefs. 

Remember, don't fuck with people that cook your food. 

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