Keeping It Simple with Victor Zabuga

Keeping It Simple with Victor Zabuga

Sometimes simplicity is what the heart desires.

Keeping things simple is perhaps the best way to live your life. Once you introduce all kinds of complications, things can get... well... complicated. Complications lead to stress, and stress leads to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure leads to your untimely demise. So, sometimes, it's best not to stress and live the simple life.

If there is one tattoo artist who has a fondness for simplicity, it's Victor Zabuga. And his simple designs shouldn't be taken lightly. They're quirky, funky, and just all around fun. 

This Berlin-based artist has taken minimalism to another level with these cute tattoos that will give anyone who sees them a sensible chuckle. His quirky designs are why he boasts over 50k followers on Instagram, an audience that he keeps happy with this sweet, simple line work. 

Follow Victor on Instagram to get your grin on. If you're in need of simplicity yourself, shoot him an email at for booking.

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