Keeping The ‘80s Alive With 8-Bit Tattoos

Keeping The ‘80s Alive With 8-Bit Tattoos

Tattoo tributes to a simpler time when no video game let you murder prostitutes

Tattoos are a great way to stay connected to your childhood. These days, there are so many fun and whimsical pieces that serve are reverent throwbacks to a time gone by. One motif in this category has arguably become a tattoo style in and of itself – 8-bit tattoos.

Even though most of us here at Tattoodo are getting on in the years and cannot be described as hip or youthful, we don’t really mind, because it was such a privilege growing up in the late ‘80s. This era marks a very sharp pivot in what childhood actually was. We recall the necessity of going outside, using our imaginations, and playing with other children. And then, all of that changed with the advent of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It was as if our generation had been chosen by some divine force. No longer would we need to rely on anything else to entertain us and keep us occupied. There were so many new and exciting 8-bit worlds to immerse ourselves in. The fictions contained within Nintendo cartridges raised us. I can say without hyperbole that I spent more of my childhood with video games than I did with my own father.

As the years went on, technology improved and video game graphics got better. But the aesthetic of those old 8-bit games is now widely celebrated. Building a picture in pixels given very limited technological constraints is an art. Companies like Nintendo, Capcom, and Konami were the Leonardos, Picassos, and Renoirs of the 1980s.

The greatness of these artistic accomplishments lives on in these amazing 8-bit tattoos. Just feast your eyes on these kickass throwbacks to the days of our youth. These tattoos all help keep a very special time in history alive in our hearts.

Don’t these sweet 8-bit tattoos just take you back? The best part about them is you don’t even need to blow into a cartridge to get them to work.

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