Keith Urban Shows Off His Sick Tattoos At His Show In LA

Keith Urban Shows Off His Sick Tattoos At His Show In LA

He made sure to wear a shirt that reveals his arms to the crowd.

New Zealand-born country music star Keith Urban was recently spotted showing off his rad tattoos at his show in Los Angeles. Urban made sure to wear a t-shirt that was revealing enough to show off the guns, as well as his arm tattoos.

The 48-year-old platinum selling, Grammy winner took the stage and gave fans a peek at the tattoos that appear to go from his arms all the way up to his neck.

Keith Urban showing off his tattoos at his concert. #KeithUrban #CountryMusic #Country

Of course, the tattoo on his right arm bears the name of his wife and Hollywood icon, Nicole Kidman. He's got some tribal designs on his left arm along with a phoenix on his left forearm.

He's a multi-instrumentalist who has multiple different tattoo styles and symbols on his body. Urban might just be the most diverse musician in terms of style musically and in terms of his tattoos.

Keith Urban has never been afraid to show off his ink. #KeithUrban #CountryMusic #Country

Look for Urban to continue showing off his arms and tattoos while on tour. He's definitely not shy about letting his tattoo flag fly. As he attempts to expand his sound to appeal to a wider audience, he might become more popular than ever before.

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