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Keith Urban's Adorable Tattoos Dedicated to Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban's Adorable Tattoos Dedicated to Nicole Kidman

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Keith Urban shows his eternal love for his wife with some truly sweet tattoos.

Keith Urban is one of the best-selling country music artists of all time. The Australian singer has sold millions of albums across the world, and his live performances get fans involved and leaves everyone happy.

Keith Urban's tattoo dedicated to his wife, Nicole Kidman. #KeithUrban #Celebrities #Music

Kidman recently appeared on the Graham Norton show to talk about the subtle tattoo that not many people would realize is dedicated to her. You see, Kidman was born in Hawaii to Australian parents, and was given the nickname, Hokulani, which means, "heavenly star."

Keith Urban's tattoos. #KeithUrban #Celebrities #Music

Maybe it's a recent tattoo, because we couldn't find a picture of the ink anywhere online, or maybe it's hidden within that sun-looking tattoo. Either way, it's a cute story and an adorable tattoo. And you know that if a picture of the tattoo turns up, we'll have it first. 

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