Kesha Debuts Her New Aquatic Ink

Kesha Debuts Her New Aquatic Ink

The pop star showed off her love for the deep blue sea with her newest whale tattoo.

Kesha made a name for herself by producing pop hit after pop hit. She's written some of the most popular songs of the past few years, and her glam-pop, party style of music completely changed the genre, and her impact is still being felt in music today.

Since taking a bit of a step back from music over the last few years, Kesha has remained in the spotlight via her Instagram and social media. She's kept us up to date on her latest travels and adventures, and that includes this little diddy...

Kesha posted this photo of her new whale tattoo. It's pink (would you expect anything less from Kesha), and came with the caption, "psychedelic whales are slowly covering my entire body..."

What caused the Kesh-ster to go out and get this tattoo? Is she just a big fan of whales? Some people speculate that it could be a tribute to the recently deceased Tilikum, a whale who was featured in the film Blackfish. Tilikum was believed to be responsible for the deaths of three trainers at SeaWorld, and was announced to be showing signs of dying as early as 2015.

So is this tattoo a tribute to the late, great orca that inhabited the tanks of SeaWorld? Or is it just a testament to Kesha's weirdness and affinity towards the aquatic? I'm sure we'll find out in the coming weeks when she does the ever-important "revealing the meaning behind her tattoo" interview.

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