Khan's Unbelievably Realistic Tattoo Portraits

Khan's Unbelievably Realistic Tattoo Portraits

Khan is one of the best color portraitists in the world of tattoos.

Some body art is so realistic that it seems to almost breath and blink from people's skin. This is the type of tattoos that Khan specializes in creating. His work is so lifelike that it will likely make you do a double-take just to make sure your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. The quality of his work has garnered him such a reputation that, just like the musicians and actors that he frequently depicts, he's even become a bit of a celebrity himself, after his tattoo of Ken Jeong recently caused a stir on The Ellen Show.

Though he operates out of Brisbane, Australia these days, Khan is originally from South Korea, where tattooing is illegal, so it wasn't his initial career choice, but after meeting a member of the Yakuza with an Irezumi bodysuit, he became enamored with the art form and relocated to Japan to learn the style. Over the years, he's drifted away from traditional tattooing and has earned a reputation for his color portraiture, which is some of the best in the entire world. 

Khan has truly mastered the art of making realistic portraits. His portfolio is full of strikingly lifelike famous faces, majestic animals, and other beautiful figures like La Catrina ladies. Basically, Khan can turn anything from real life into pristine body art.

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To have your mind blown by more of Khan's work, visit his Instagram or website. Should you want a picture perfect depiction of your favorite celebrity or animal on your skin, consider having him design the piece for you. He can be reached at for booking.

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