Killer Neo-Traditional Pieces by Chad Lenjer

Killer Neo-Traditional Pieces by Chad Lenjer

Vivid and fine-lined beauties to tantalize your eyes.

There is something incredibly charming about Chad Lenjer's neo-traditional tattoos. Their subject matter is often off the the beaten path, and even when he's working with common motifs he finds ways to make them break the mold as well. All of his body art features a balanced mixture of fine as well as bold linework with soft yet rich coloration. Check out this sample of his exquisite and wonderful work.

All of Lenjer's tattoos exemplify his technical prowess as an artist, but some of the most fascinating of them are the more peculiar ones. For instance, the self-referential bundle of art supplies looks aptly vibrant in his style. Also, his piece featuring a motorcycle is one of the most impressive from his portfolio because it stands out for being as surprising as it is detailed. His illustrations of a sun and moon as well as a phoenix above are notably unique for being such everyday motifs, too.

One of the most captivating motifs from Lenjer's body of work are his skull tattoos. The way he expounds on this classic skeletal imagery is awesome. Whether adorned with the familiar accoutrements such as butterflies and flowers or with more unusual ones like candelabras and kabutos, his skinless human heads all have an elegant yet ghastly beauty to them.

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Lenjer's flowers are remarkable as well. It's excellent how he leans into flora's plush color pallettes. He tends to work with more elaborate kinds of flowers, such as peonies, roses, and sunflowers, highlighting their natural mandala-like appearance with the way he shapes them. It is particularly spectacular when his bundles these beautiful pieces of plant life together, especially with other imagery as seen in his astoundingly intricate vase tattoo below.

If you desire some of Lenjer's wonderful neo-traditional work for you very own, he tattoos at Black Anvil in Fort Wayne, IN, or should you want to just peruse some of his superb portfolio, pay a visit to his Instagram.

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