Killer Traditional Blackwork Tattoos by Paul Hill

Killer Traditional Blackwork Tattoos by Paul Hill

Bold, thick, traditional blackwork tattoos to wake you up in the morning.

Paul Hill loves to indulge his two passions — motorcycles and tattooing. He is an avid collector of vintage motorcycles and his tattoo style is rooted in the old school traditional style with his own bold use of black and dotwork. Working out of Vagabond Tattoo Studio in London alongside other traditional and blackwork tattoo artists, the portfolio of the studio is top class and a great example that traditional tattooing is still, and forever shall be, a classic favorite. 

While Hill isn't locked into only doing traditional blackwork, the style is definitely his beloved forte. His designs stand out against his clients' skin, with a classic look and a unique flair. Hill knows his roots, and shows his talented chops with each individual design. 

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