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Killer Traditional Tattoos by Joe Tartarotti

Killer Traditional Tattoos by Joe Tartarotti

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Unsinkable body art with bold lines and bright colors

If you like your body art solidly traditional, then you'll likely enjoy Joe Tartarotti's kickass work. He keeps it old school with his use of bold lines and bright colors and knack for illustrating classic motifs from the style. Whether bangers or back-pieces, all of his body art is astounding. Check out this sample of his work that demonstrates how it stays true to its beautiful and timeless roots.

Tartarotti's take on the traditional style features bold linework, heavy black shading, and sometimes sparse and other time incredibly elaborate coloration. The richness of his color palettes depends on his subject matter. For example, in the lady head caught in a spiderweb above, he utilizes only red and yellow to highlight her beauty, while in the disembodied hand holding an urn below, he pays with cooler chroma such as green and blue. There are numerous bangers throughout his portfolio, and though they are awesome, his large-scale work is hands down the most impressive. He's done tons of badass back-pieces depicting images like snakes battling with eagles and pirate ships on rough seas. 

Tartarotti is a master of many motifs, but some stand out more than others. His lady heads, for instance, are spectacular. They look lovely when he adorns them heavily in jewelry, sticks them in spiderwebs, or even shapes them out of cigarette smoke. Whether clippers or mermaids, his maritime imagery is striking as well. He does a bit of excellent Japanese iconography, too, as demonstrated by his tiger and vibrant dragon head. His angels, however, are arguably his most compelling tattoos. They look absolutely divine when centered before crosses or set next to deathly imagery like skulls.

Three of Joe Tartarotti's clients with kickass back-pieces (IG—joe_tartarotti). #JoeTartarotti #solid #traditional

If you want to seem more of Tartarotti's rock solid tattoos, hit up his Instagram. Should you want some of his traditional work, he operates out of Man's Ruin Tattoo Club Isola in Milano, Italy and can be contacted at for booking.

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