Kingdom of Dreams and Madness: Studio Ghibli Tattoos

Kingdom of Dreams and Madness: Studio Ghibli Tattoos

Get Spirited Away, and visit all your favorite anime friends with these inspiring Studio Ghibli Tattoos!

Hayao Miyazaki has captured the hearts of millions with his anime film studio Studio Ghibli. Anime fans, and even those who just dabble in the world of Japanese culture, are amazed by the magical, and inspiring films that the studio puts out. From Spirited Away, to Nausicaa and Totoro, the films have always received great accolades for their continual devotion to telling great stories with incredible animation. We've collected this Studio Ghibli tattoos in hopes that they'll spark your imagination, or at least make you giggle with how cute some of them are!

Some of these Studio Ghibli tattoos are portraits of favorite characters, Haku and Chihiro being favorites, while others are highly detailed compilations of almost all the films in one tattoo! Just check out Oozy's Studio Ghibli tattoo for example; this particular piece features tons of different characters from each film...workers at the bathhouse of Spirited Away, Forest Spirits, Soot Sprites, Cat Bus and more! Oozy's known for their absolute attention to detail, and the linework they use to complete their pieces is always gorgeous. Another of these Studio Ghibli tattoos is a compilation by Chinese artists Pikkacoolcool, who is known for doing fun, vividly colored, super kawaii cartoon tattoos.

It's no wonder that Studio Ghibli continues to inspire. Their storylines almost always include a strong female hero who is out to save the world, or right some serious wrongs. The characters usually have an insanely cute animal friend to support them along the way of their fantastic journey, and there's always a Forest Spirit or other magical presence that emotes a fantastical aspect to average life. These Studio Ghibli tattoos prove how incredibly powerful these works of animation are; whether black and grey or full of bold colors, these pieces show the connection people have to characters that may be drawn by pen, but have a true presence and life beyond the screen. 

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