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Kingdom of Fairy Tale Magic: Dazzling Disney Tattoos

Kingdom of Fairy Tale Magic: Dazzling Disney Tattoos

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These Disney tattoos perfectly capture the magic of the famed animation studio which has been going strong for almost 100 years!

Short History of Disney Studios

Disney films have captured the hearts and imaginations of millions from its inception as a tiny animation studio in 1923. Based in Hollywood, brothers Roy and Walt started the company after Walt’s first venture, Laugh-O-Gram Studios, suffered bankruptcy. The heart wrenching failure turned out to be a stroke of luck: Walt moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles to form what we now know as the Walt Disney Studio.

A series called 'Alice's Wonderland' was what first got them noticed. After the reels got picked up for $1,500 per episode, a great deal of money for the 1920's, they were able to fund the creation of more! After the completion of that series, Disney came up with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This character only lasted for 27 episodes. The character, and animations, were owned by Universal Studios. Once the contract ended, Disney had to reinvent his characters once again.

Finally in 1928, Walt Disney, with the help of Ub Iwerks, created a mouse by the name of Mortimer. The story goes that Lillian, Walt’s wife, didn’t like the sound of Mortimer. The name was changed and Mickey Mouse was born. His first starring role was ‘Plane Crazy’, but Mickey’s third film, Steamboat Willie, also happened to be Disney’s first animated film with sound!

The success of Mickey Mouse helped bring in enough money that Disney began planning his first feature length animated movie. It took three years to complete, but in 1937 ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ was revealed to the world receiving glowing reviews. From there, the success of the company was practically unstoppable. Now, Walt Disney Company includes not only films, merchandise and amusement parks, but ocean cruises, resort hotels, film studios such as Searchlight and 20th Century, and even online streaming services like Hulu!

Short History of Disney Tattoos

Disney Studios created some of the most iconic films of all time, so it’s no wonder that the characters and motifs happen to appear in tattoos. Pop culture and tattoo designs often go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to such a prolific organization. Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable characters internationally. Plus, the exciting fun of the amusement parks can be had in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris, as well as in the U.S., helping to bring Disney films and products even further into every culture around the world.

Disney tattoos are extremely popular which just shows how much the animation studio, along with all of their movies, cartoons, and the marvelous amusement parks, have touched the lives of so many. Whether clients get their favorite Disney character, or the sparkling Disney castle, or even a whole collection of all the characters and magical beings, Disney tattoos are definitely no trend: they are here to stay.

Think about it...if you were to get a Disney tattoo, what would you get? There are so many ideas, designs, and motifs to choose from. Especially since there are 59 animated feature films alone, starting with the beloved Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released in 1937 and ending with ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ released March 5th, 2021. That doesn’t even take all the animated shorts, live action films, or famous park rides like Splash Mountain! And although the options are almost limitless, hopefully this inspirational article will help you hone in on your dream idea.

Top Disney Tattoo Questions

Can you have tattoos at Disney?

Yes, you can have tattoos at Disney. However, any tattoos deemed “objectionable” will not be allowed. This means that if your tattoo is sexual in nature, uses crude language, or similar, you could find yourself sitting out of any Disney park fun. Disney is a family affair, after all! If your tattoo isn’t kid friendly, simply cover up. It’s worth the roller coasters, we swear.

What do Disney tattoos mean?

Disney tattoos mean that the person really likes Disney or a certain aspect of Disney. Depending on the design, it could certainly mean different, or deeper, things. Overall, however, people who get Disney tattoos are usually just in love with the animated films and incredible magic the studio has developed over the years.

What does Mickey Mouse tattoo mean?

A Mickey Mouse tattoo is an homage to the iconic imagery and history of Disney. Mickey is the OG of Disney; he’s the first really unique character that belonged to Disney Studios and his creation also made it possible for everything that came after him. The money his animated film brought in funded the first feature film, making it possible for Disney to grow into what it is today. Without Mickey Mouse, Disney Studios may not have ever existed!

Top Disney Tattoo Ideas

Lilo and Stitch Tattoo

Whether you’re interested in a Neo-Traditional style portrait of the beloved duo or a stand-a-lone Watercolor Stitch tattoo, these fun and nostalgic characters make for an excellent Disney tattoo.

Mickey Mouse Tattoo

For fans of the original Disney films and cartoons, no character is more classic than Mickey Mouse. From his wizard escapades in Fantasia to his adventures with Minnie, Mickey Mouse can be shown in a variety of ways depending on the wearer’s intention. If you’re looking to create a Mickey Mouse tattoo with a vibe all its own, explore different styles like Blackwork, New School, and Watercolor versions.

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Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

From Fineline enchanted rose tattoos to Neo-Traditional style portraits of Belle and the Beast, Beauty and the Beast tattoos are a popular way to pay homage to the film and its sentiments. For those looking for the perfect Disney couple’s tattoo, make sure to explore matching Beauty and the Beast tattoos like the mirror and the rose, or the popular “his beauty” and “her beast” designs.

Minnie Mouse Tattoo

If you love vintage Disney cartoons, a Minnie Mouse tattoo may be the perfect way to commemorate your affinity. From simple Minnie tattoos that serve as outlines to nostalgic Blackwork Minnie Mouses’ with peppery whip shading, this classic Disney relic works wonderfully in any style or size.

Maleficent Tattoo

From minimalist outlines of her infamous horns to full-color renditions of film stills, Maleficent tattoos are a powerful and spooky way to celebrate your love for Disney. If you’re a lover of the original film, styles like Neo-Traditional work wonderfully when recreating the Maleficent cartoon.

Cinderella Tattoo

If you’re interested in creating a custom Cinderella tattoo, the Disney classic is chock full of symbolic items, memorable characters, and meaningful life lessons. Some of the most popular designs include Cinderella portrait tattoos, magic pumpkin tattoos, glass slipper tattoos, and quotes from the film. Whether you’re looking for something tiny or a detailed sleeve, Cinderella is an excellent film to use for Disney tattoo inspiration!

Disney Princess Tattoos

One of the most feminine and fun ways to celebrate your love for Disney is through a Disney princess tattoo. Whether you choose to represent the princesses in classic form or reenvision them with your own twist, Disney princess tattoos look amazing. From sexy Neo-Traditional Ariel pieces to Disney princess sleeves, the options are endless when it comes to this iconic Disney imagery.

Aristocats Tattoo

If you love Disney and cats, you’ll be sure to fall head over heels for these adorable Aristocats tattoos! Often created in a Neo-Traditional style, beloved characters like Marie, Duchess, and Toulouse make for charming Disney body art. If you prefer styles outside of Neo-Traditional, you can also explore Blackwork Traditional, Watercolor, and Minimalist options.

Mickey and Minnie Tattoo

Mickey and Minnie tattoos speak to the very heart of Disney and remain one of the most popular ways to pay homage to the classic cartoons and films. Whether you’re interested in simple outlines, modern versions, or vintage renderings, Mickey and Minnie make for a superb Disney-themed tattoo.

Haunted Mansion Tattoo

If you grew up loving Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride or were a huge fan of the 2003 Eddie Murphy film, a haunted mansion themed tattoo may be perfect for you! From Illustrative Blackwork pieces to painterly styles, the Haunted Mansion and its associated imagery work well in a wide variety of approaches.

Disney Couple Tattoos

Looking to share your love of Disney with your partner? A matching Disney couple tattoo may be an excellent choice! Whether you’re drawn to Beauty and the Beast, Mickey and Minnie, or Simba and Nala, you’ll be sure to find creative ways to design your romantic Disney themed piece. These tattoos can work in almost any style you choose and can be crafted to include special quotes and symbolism that speaks to your relationship.

Matching Disney Tattoos

From Buzz Lightyear and Woody to Timon and Pumbaa, there are endless options for best friend themed Disney tattoos. Looking for a mother-daughter tattoo? You can always explore motifs like Beauty and the Beast’s Chip and Mrs. Potts, The Artistocat’s Duchess and Marie, or Dumbo’s Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo.

Sleeping Beauty Tattoo

Sleeping Beauty tattoos can work to showcase stories of hope, true love, and destiny. For hopeless romantics and those who fell in love with the film, Sleeping Beauty tattoos make for excellent Disney themed subject matter! Common styles for this motif are Watercolor, Neo-Traditional, Illustrative, and Fineliine.

Simple Disney Tattoo

If you’re looking to celebrate your love for Disney in a delicate minimalist style tattoo, you’re in luck because these classic characters make for stellar tattoo outlines. Add a unique touch to your piece by accenting it with special symbolism or additional design elements.

Little Mermaid Tattoo

Who knew a fork could be iconic? Little Mermaid had so many moments and characters that are special so this film is all about figuring out if you're more interested in a tattoo of Flounder, Sebastian, or even the terrifying Ursula. Butt you could even pull one of your favorite motifs, like one of Ariel's most beloved objects!

Bambi Tattoo

Probably the most heart breaking of the Disney movies, right up there with The Fox and the Hound, Bambi still has many moments of totally cute cartoon animals. Our favorite character happens to be Flower, the sweet little skunk, but the scene where Thumper tries to teach Bambi how to skate on ice is something we could watch forever. This is a perfect film to take inspiration from beautiful scenes or adorable characters.

Frozen Tattoo

The snowy landscapes of Frozen definitely set the stage for gorgeous winter-themed tattoos. But we could also suggest lyrics from the songs in Frozen, or cute characters captured in color ink. There are many reasons why people love this movie so much. Start by figuring out why you resonate with Frozen, and you'll be sure to figure out the perfect design to show your love.

Moana Tattoo

From the films memorable symbols and song lyrics to the cast of expressive and endearing characters, Moana themed tattoos are an excellent way to keep your love for Disney alive. For those who love the water, Moana offers a wide array of oceanic motifs to explore.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

If you fell in love with the psychedelic and imaginative tale of Alice in Wonderland, you’ll be glad to know that this iconic Disney film works wonderfully in tattoo form! From the Red Queen to the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland is rife with powerful imagery perfect for intricate large-scale designs and stand-alone pieces. So whether you’re interested in an Alice in Wonderland sleeve or a smoking caterpillar tattoo, this Disney classic is full of symbolic and surrealist imagery.

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We hope you've enjoyed this inspirational Disney tattoo guide! Before you book your tattoo, it's always good to have as much of a specific idea in mind as possible...unless you want the artist to just go for it! Bring in inspiration, make sure you know ideas of where to place it, and, of course, make sure to find an artist that creates tattoos you really love. When you seriously admire the artwork of your tattoo artist, it makes it so much easier to trust them when it comes to the tattoo process. Enjoy the inspo and have fun at your next appointment!

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