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Kingdom of Fairy Tale Magic: Dazzling Disney Tattoos

Kingdom of Fairy Tale Magic: Dazzling Disney Tattoos

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These Disney tattoos perfectly capture the magic of the famed animation studio which has been going strong for almost 100 years!

The animation studio Disney has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions from its inception in a tiny animation studio in Hollywood. A series called Alice's Wonderland was what first got them notice, and after the reels got picked up for $1,500 each, a whole lotta money in the '20's! After the completion of that series, Oswald the Duck was created but only lasted for a 26 episodes...finally, in 1928, that fabulous character Mickey Mouse was created and the rest of it is history! Check out these Disney tattoos which are each a lovely homage to the work Disney and his team have put in.

Disney tattoos are extremely popular which just shows how much the animation studio, along with all of their movies, cartoons, and the marvelous amusement parks, have touched the lives of so many. Whether clients get their favorite Disney characters, or the sparkling Disney castle, or even a whole collection of all the characters and magical beings, Disney tattoos are definitely no trend: they are here to stay. Think about it...if you were to get a Disney tattoo, what would you get? The options are almost limitless! There are 56 feature films alone, starting with the beloved Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released in 1937.

Currently we await the release Ralph Breaks the Internet which will soon be here in November which we're stoked for since we're die hard nerds. Apparently Frozen 2 is also set to be out November, but that's in 2019 so little girls the world over will have to wait for more sparkly snow scenes. There are also three yet to be named films in the works and we can't wait to see what magic Disney has in store for us, or what awesome Disney tattoos will be inspired from them!

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