Konami Code Tattoos: Cheaters Always Win and Only Losers Never Cheat

Konami Code Tattoos: Cheaters Always Win and Only Losers Never Cheat

We’re looking at tattoos of one of the greatest legacies in ‘80s gaming — the Konami Code

Sometimes in this cutthroat world you have to cheat to get ahead. It’s a sad truth of our reality. Your integrity is worthless. We here at Tattoodo have been cheating our whole lives at every possible turn. This tendency for deception and unfair play was instilled in us at a very early age by the Japanese software company Konami. Their famous Konami Code made dozens of otherwise super hard Nintendo games actually beatable. In honor of this code, and cheating in general, we’re bringing you a handful of Konami Code tattoos.

Back in 1986, a young software developer by the name of Kazuhisa Hashimoto was working on a home console port of the arcade game “Gradius.” Unfortunately, old Kazuhisa found the game far too difficult to play through during its testing phase. Rather than admit his that his skills were weak and let a replacement debug the title, he ingeniously decided to program a cheat to give himself a full set of power ups. But after the testing period, he forgot to remove the code.

For a pre-internet era, the code actually spread fairly quickly via word of mouth. Rather than shame or fire Hashimoto, Konami quickly embraced the code and started including it in many of its games. The most famous example of a Konami Code game is the original “Contra.” If the code is entered on the title screen, the player is given 30 lives to complete the game rather than the standard 3. And thank god, because plowing through 8 stages of intense shooting action with just 3 lives is a real pain in the dick.

The code became a firm piece of video game lore over the coming decades and was included in many non-Konami titles. It even broke free from the constraints of video games and is featured on dozens of websites from Buzzfeed to the Bank of Canada.

In celebration of the Konami Code’s staying power (and cheating in general) we’ve gather up a smattering of example of the code in tattoo form. You’d have to be a hardcore nerd to get a Konami Code tattoo, but these people all went that extra mile.

Don’t these Konami Code tattoos just make you want to cheat your way to victory? You’d be stupid not to.

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