Kooky Pop Trash Style Tattoos by Fatih Odabaş

Kooky Pop Trash Style Tattoos by Fatih Odabaş

Fatih Odabaş creates some seriously alternative tattoos by blending elements of trash and pop culture.

Trash was a hit in the tattoo world between 2014 and early 2015, popularized by German duo Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky of Buena Vista Tattoo Club. Since then, many other tattoo artists exploring the style rose to fame and had the opportunity to show the world how far one can stretch a tattoo style. Like the sea, there's so much more that is yet to unearth. Fast forward to mid-2016 and we see a Turkish tattoo artist by the name of Fatih Odabaş whose name you should remember.

Having experimented with color realism and a subtle style reminiscent of a South Korean favorite, Fatih went on to begin integrating trash influences into his work. This resulted in some very fresh and quirky pieces that are just the right bits of pop and trash. 

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Fatih has dipped his fingers into all kinds of tattoo styles. You name it, he's tried it. This combination of watercolor, subtlety, woodcut, color realism, and psychedelia have resulted in a sort of dreamy trash beautifully spattered on to pop culture tattoos.

I know, this is pretty great. 

Samurai Pika? Way cool! There's more where that came from:

Follow Fatih's tattoo style journey here.

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