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Kudos to Supermarket Giant Tesco for Allowing Tattoos and Piercings!

Kudos to Supermarket Giant Tesco for Allowing Tattoos and Piercings!

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British-based supermarket chain Tesco recently released a statement allowing even more lax dress code policies for its employees.

Despite their past controversies regarding tattoo discrimination, Tesco hits back with an updated version of their standards of dress policy for employees which introduces a more liberated stance on self-expression. 

Photo from AFP. #tesco

In a newsletter released in late August this year, they addressed the revision of their policies and changing approach towards body art, hair colour, and visible piercings. This is definitely good news coming especially from a brand once criticised for their passé views on contemporary trends and incidents of discrimination against customers with body modifications.

Photo from 7dayweekend on Tumblr. #tesco

The newsletter also indicated that their standards of dress policy was last updated nearly three years ago in October 2013. They also stated that the revision was made with their wish for employees to be able to function  a more comfortable work environment in mind, emphasising the necessity for employees to ‘dress appropriately.’

‘There was a need to clarify our changing approach towards a range of contemporary trends,’ they stated. 

While an online poll still suggested that a majority of people aren't keen on the idea of seeing their local grocery's staff with more visible tattoos and piercings, some are seeing this as a positive move. 

‘Hopefully this will have a ripple effect - visible piercings and tattoos do not affect the way that somebody works. Back in the day not many people had piercings and tattoos and if they did they were seen as being rough,’ Cheryl Swords, an assistant manager from piercing and alternative shop Tribal Voice, told The Herald.

‘But now they are so much more common and we find that as soon as a celebrity is seen with a piercing then they become really popular and everybody wants one,’ she said, adding, ‘Many customers come here to get facial tattoos, go away and find out their boss doesn't like it and then have to come back in for clear, see-through piercings. I think it's great to see people working with tattoos and bright hair.’

Photo by Sam Flaherty for We The People's ‘Glass House.’ #pinkhair #pastelhair

An employee even tweeted her relief to finally be free to don pink hair at work now that Tesco toned down their dress policies.

Photo from Britt Fowler on Tumblr. #beard #flowerbeard #floral #flowerpower

However, Tesco is not ready for full-blown, macho beards yet and asks employees to keep it clean, requesting to minimise them to ‘trimmed and tidy stubbles.’

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Tesco sure knows how to keep their staff, erm, motivated.

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