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Kustom Kulture: Rat Fink Tattoos

Kustom Kulture: Rat Fink Tattoos

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Looking for a new tattoo? This might be the one for you! These Rat Fink tattoos show off some of the best of hot rod Rockabilly culture!

Back in the day some of us here at Tattoodo, we're not naming any names, used to be super die hard Rockabilly and Psychobilly fans. Late night shows and band bar hangs, pompadours and '50's full circle skirts, and, of course, car shows on the weekends. This is where you would find many representations of the king of Kustom Kulture: Rat Fink. Even if you're not aware of the culture behind the big funky rat, these Rat Fink tattoos will surely help you become more acquainted with all the facets of this funny speed-freak rodent. This particular collection even includes characters not usually in the spotlight!

 In the late '50's Ed "Big Daddy" Roth began airbrushing and painting t-shirts with his humorous and strange designs. Selling them at car shows, and within the pages of publications like Car Craft, these "weirdo" t-shirts became all the rage! Now, hopefully these Rat Fink tattoos fans are aware, the giant monster mouse was actually made as an anti-hero in response to Disney's squeaky clean squeaker Mickey Mouse. This may explain the continued adoration of the rodent over more than half a century! Rat Fink is certainly the stuff that underground infamy is made of. 

So, if these super cool tattoos just aren't enough for you, and you need a little more Rat Fink in your life, don't fret. There is actually a Rat Fink Reunion held every year! This years event will be held on May 30th through June 1st in Manti, Utah. Apparently, the reunion is all about celebrating the art and creations of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. it brings together people from all over the world in search of good times. Great food, hot rods, family fun, and tons upon tons of Rat Fink antiques and merchandise!! If they haven't already had some tattooists slanging some Rat Fink tattoos for the crowd, they should totally get on it! Nothing goes together better than cars, music, and tattoos, right? We feel like Musink has proven that really well over the years...

We say it all the time, but this is exactly what we love about awesome tattoos...each image has a history, each aesthetic or style has a culture that influenced or inspired it. All of these stories, and the people who helped create them, become a huge part of larger factions within our community, tattoo or otherwise! You don't have to be tattooed to realize, or appreciate, how expansive and wonderful this art form world is! Beyond mice and rats, hot rods and rockabillies, there is still so much you can uncover and be inspired within this niche alone! Pretty cool, right? The arts are a deeply interconnected landscape of ideas and images...and every concept always leads to something new and different! If Rat Fink isn't for you, then check out the billion other characters out there! We make it really easy for you, actually, to find great pieces within our archive. Tattoo ideas a plenty, and even tattoo artists you can book to make it happen!

Written byTattoodo

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