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Kyle Shanahan and Chris Simms' Weird Tattoos That Bond Them For Life

Kyle Shanahan and Chris Simms' Weird Tattoos That Bond Them For Life

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Simms, a former NFL quarterback and Shanahan, an NFL coach, have tattoos dedicated to each other. Wait, what?

I think everyone on the planet Earth knows that when you're a part of a team, there is going to be some inevitable bonding going on. That's true from top to bottom, from beer league softball, all the way up to professional athletes. 

If you need evidence of that, just ask former NFL quarterback Chris Simms and current Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Simms, once a stand-out QB at the University of Texas, became quick friends with his teammate at the time, Kyle Shanahan. So close, in fact, that they got each other's initials tattooed on their legs.

Chris Simms has a tattoo of Kyle Shanahan's initials on his body. #KyleShanahan #ChrisSimms #NFL #Football

Way back in 2006, Shanahan gave an interview with the Houston Chronicle explaining the situation. "Chris was dying to get a tattoo,” Shanahan said. “When we got to the (parlor), I was the only one who already didn’t have one… I got one out of loyalty to my buddies."

It would make sense for the pair to have ink dedicated to each other, as they worked closely at UT, with Simms being a QB and Shanahan catching his passes as a wide receiver. But not everyone really understands the extremely close relationship between the pair, especially Simms' father, Hall of Fame QB Phil Simms.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Phil Simms gave his reaction, "Oh my gosh... One day, you’re gonna be going, ‘Man, that was a dumb moment when we went down there and got that done,'" he said.

Kyle Shanahan, an NFL coach, has a tattoo of Chris Simms' initials. #KyleShanahan #ChrisSimms #NFL #Football

I'm certain that this isn't the only tattoo a pair of athletes have gotten together, but I'm not too sure many of them get each other's initials tattooed on them. What do you think? A fairly commonplace tattoo, or is it just plain weird?

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